National Bootlegger Day

During the prohibition, bootleggers were the unsung heroes who provided wine and spirits to those looking for a good time. Now, every January 17th, National Bootlegger Day celebrates their legacy.  

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What Is National Bootlegger Day? 

National Bootlegger Day is an annual celebration of the life and legacy of bootlegging. Bootleggers are people who produce or distribute illegal alcoholic beverages, usually in defiance of government regulations. In the past century, there have been many famous bootleggers around the world, including American gangsters like Al Capone. 


Moonshine, a type of homebrewed whiskey, was very popular in the 1920s-era United States, where most alcohol was banned under Prohibition. Celebrating National Bootlegger Day is an opportunity to honor the courage and creativity of these craftspeople.

Bathtub Gin

Bathtub gin was a type of illegally distilled spirit that was popular during Prohibition in the United States. It gets its name from its production process, which involves soaking juniper berries and other botanicals in grain alcohol or whiskey in a large container like a bathtub.

Bootlegging Beyond Alcohol

Can other things be bootlegged? Bootlegging doesn’t just apply to alcohol. Bootleggers have been known to smuggle drugs, weapons, and contraband items for centuries. Now, bootlegging can look more like downloading music or movies illegally or purchasing counterfeit bags or designer items.  

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